Pretty Serious Giveaway

Posted on October 06, 2013 by Ben Harris

Due to reasons, we've decided to ditch the nail art competition in favour of a simple old Rafflecopter sweepstakes. Because sometimes even we prefer to keep it simple. Sometimes...

We've got a whole bunch of prizes to give away in this bad boy, so lets run down the list!

1. Limited Edition Collection - That would be 1 x Naughty Night Shift Nurse, 1 x Golden Ticket and 1 x Emma Louise 300/300 (The final numbered bottle of Emma Louise). One person will be winning all three!

2. 1 x Naughty Night Shift Nurse. One bottle for one lucky winner!

3. 1 x Emma Louise. One bottle of the un-numbered Emma Louise variety for another lucky person!

4. 1 x Till Death Do Us Party Wedding Edition. A set of our new Halloween 4 pack goes to another winner!

5. 1 x Killer Fangirls Collection. The set of three Killer Fangirls with their collectable art cards signed by Leigh Young.

6. 1 x $25 Gift Voucher. One person gets to pick some polishes of their own because we couldn't decide what other ones to add!

7. 1 x Complete Set of our next "Christmas" Collection. Well, it will be in time for Christmas at least, but since when do we always follow the rules?  Someone's getting the entire set for free!

So what are you waiting for? Get in there and grab as many entries as you can over the next couple of weeks!

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