Annnnnd..... were back!

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Welcme to the new and improved Pretty Serious store! Or one of them at east, as we now have two of them. Let's just quickly roll through what's new and what's coming, shall we?

Firstly, we now have two stores! - We have created a seperate US store entirely with its own currency and stock. This will now eliminate those regional drop downs and all the confusion the currency conversions would cause. You will be automatically directed to your correct store based on your location, but there is a link at the top of each store if you need to switch for any reason, such as buying for international friends.

The US store no longer ships to Canada - Sorry our Canadian friends, but we've slowly been hitting the wall of feasibility in regards to shipping prices from the US to Canada for individual packages. It has just simply become unsustainable, and so weve had to find alternatives. You can now shop from our Aus store, and should you hit the minimum spend, then we can courier your order out to you, or alternatively, Harlow & Co have agreed to stock more of our products so that we can be more accessible to you locally. We now this is not entirely the most desireable news for everybody, but pease know that we never stop trying to find better solutions to issues ike these.

Loyalty Points - We now have loyalty points! Each dollar you spend adds to your points, and the redeem value of each of our products is also based on their dollar value, meaning if that item is on sale, its less points to grab for free. We'll be adding further ways to redeem points in the very near future, and may even have some special promotions to give you a boost. All sales during our site test have had points retroactively added.

Quick Add to Cart - One of the most requested features from our trial run was a quick add option, and it was something we were already working to improve, as our previous quick add wasn't exactly "quick". We think you'll like this one a whole lot more.

New Wishlist - Our new wishlist is a bit more functional and friendly, though we weren't able to import any of our old wishlists over, sorry.

Still to come-

Museums - We have a glimpse of one of our new museums up to take a glance at, though really it is just a peak in the front window. Many have asked us for a back catalog of all that we have created, and this will be it. We plan to work our way through from the very beginning and compile as much history as we can. This will be quite the work in progress, but should build into a thing of beauty.

Articles - What's the difference between Harden Up and Rock On and how do you use them? We'll have all the answers to many questions like this in what will grow to be a knowledge base of glorious reference material.

All the other bits and pieces of pages - We're woring hard to fill this place with plenty of content and information of all sorts, and also update what we already had. This is something we're still pushing through, though it seems silly to keep the store closed while we finish these off.

What we've built is a foundation to move forward, both in our image as well as functionality, and we hope you'll enjoy the benefits that are about to grow from that.


  • I love your polish because you have the best formula!

    DeLynda Whisenant on

  • I love your polishes so much but to arrive here is a miss our custums suck

    icequeen81 on

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