Yes, we're shutting down and discontinuing all current products. Here some frequently asked questions. If you have another question, please email us at

1. Why are you closing?
We want to take a break, recharge and move the business in a slightly different direction. For more in depth reasons, read this post from founder Kaz.

2. So it's not permanent?
No. We'll be reopening in early 2019.

3. Will any of the current products be back?
We can't say 100% (we are looking at many options) but the default answer is no. If you want them now, grab them now.

4. Are you not going to make nail polish any more?
We definitely will - just a lot of other things too.

5. When will the presale items ship?
End of July/early August

6. What is the discount code for the clearance?

7. What happens to my rewards points?
You can use them when we reopen. Your balances will remain the same.

8. I preordered the Neons but I am still waiting. What is going on?
We are still waiting on our stock. Beginning today, courtesy refunds of 40% for full price orders and 20% for earlybird code users will begin processing. We expect all presales to be finalised end of July/Early Sept.